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Dr. Deb Lindh is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Scholar Practitioner, and founder of the global Twitter Chat #PTSDandBeyond and the podcast PTSD and Beyond which were both launched to provide advocacy, support, and resources as well as hope, inspiration, education, empowerment, and growth to everyone affected by and with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Stress. Story. Survivor. Strength. – Key Components of Trauma Warriors

What if one moment changed your life? I don’t mean “kind of” changed but tore down life as you knew it?

That day happened for me.  I was at one of my kid’s preschool holiday performances and WHAM! I experienced a childhood flashback. Memories overwhelmed leaving my body paralyzed; stuck with memories of child abuse and trauma by my mother and family members who enabled her behavior.

That moment – that situation – recalling suppressed memories of child abuse and trauma changed everything. Life would never be the same.

At the time, I was in graduate school; working on a doctorate in Organization Development with 2 young children.  When I told my medical doctor what happened, his treatment was writing a prescription and suggested seeing a therapist.

That was it.  A fucking prescription? I was pissed.

I knew the requirements for earning a doctorate and 100 years later this is the best we have for treating trauma – medication? No. Not an option. I didn’t get this far to only get this far.

I’ve seen relatives strung out on anti-depression meds only to hear about their new health problems courtesy of side effect including the multiple suicide attempts. To see my own father struggle with depression fighting the demons of his own child abuse history from his father only to giving up on life.

So, I did what I do best – I’m a stubborn person with superb research skills; if there’s a solution, I’ll find it and if not, I’ll build one.  I took my stubborn nature and research skills and helped myself overcome the many symptoms of PTSD – all without medication.  Throughout my doctoral studies, I used myself as the guinea pig and experiment all the while acting as the researcher, scientist, innovator, and client.

The result is I created evidence-based interventions, practical techniques, and a company, Mindful Effect, where I teach these techniques and interventions for people to develop skills and be self-reliant in managing PTSD.

Out of this journey grew the global Twitter chat #PTSDandBeyond. Each Monday we gather globally on Twitter to discuss various topics about PTSD, healing, recovery, and beyond. Our goals are Advocacy, Support, Education, Recovery, and Growth for anyone who suffers from abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Along the way I’ve had the honor and humbling pleasure to serve adults, children..men and women…all around the globe. To be a part of their healing journey, know their story, support when struggling, and celebrate their successes…all the while thinking to myself, “There is another way to do this healing.” To get your life back.  To save yourself. To be a cycle breaker and a legacy builder. To make something of meaning and purpose out of a horrendous situation and do something good with it. I did this. And you can too.

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