The Chat

Where else can people gather each week to connect with others in a supportive, uplifting, and real environment? I launched the #PTSDandBeyond Twitter Chat to provide advocacy, support, and resources as well as hope, inspiration, education, and empowerment to everyone affected by and with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I invite and welcome you to attend every Monday at 8 p.m. ET to the #PTSDandBeyond Twitter Chat to build on your recovery journey for happiness and growth.

How to join? It’s easy!

  • Log-on to Twitter
  • Put in the search box #PTSDandBeyond
  • Click on the ‘Latest’ tab
  • And you’re ready to chat!


The Podcast

The PTSD and Beyond Podcast brings experts in mental health and self-development as well as people sharing their mental health experiences and journey. PTSD and Beyond episodes are related to PTSD, mental wellness, PTSD awareness, advocacy, education, peer support, trauma recovery, and post-trauma growth.


The Video

Random thoughts. Important messages.  Real moments…That’s what the Dr. Deb YouTube Videos are about. What will you see…topics of life, breakthroughs, challenges; laugh, cry, frustration, elated…yup, it’s in a video. Why? Because if I’m experiencing it, I’ve found others have or had experienced it, or it’s an email/DM that someone sent, then someone else is too…and it’s through these moments that these videos could be the ONE thing they need to see that makes the difference in their life. Period.

The Blog

The Blog.  The Blog is a place for book reviews, posts about articles and news, random thoughts, and even poetry. The Blog is the muse for the written word.

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