“You have everything you need…if you just believe” (© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC)

So the goes and this time of year, we ask ourselves “If we could believe then, why not now?” This week’s #PTSDandBeyond Twitter Chat focused on the topic: Believe. Our questions ranged from “Why is believing important” to “Why do we stop believing” and included the tough question “What happens when we believe and those around us do not?”

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Responses from folks who joined the #PTSDandBeyond Twitter Chat brought up a lot of things that people think, feel, and yes, believe.

To believe is a belief that something is true – that we have faith and trust in what we believe. We believe what hot to be true and that believing gives us hope. Hope and believe, these two words dance with one another. They fuel one another and co-exist. I believe, therefore, I have hope. I hope and therefore, I believe.

Believing isn’t depended upon whether something is real or not, or whether you can touch it, see it, smell it, or even taste it. Believing is committing to something that is true and believing is important as it fuels the outcome of success! When a person believes, science show that they are likely to achieve the outcome set in their mind. Believing is important as it helps us stay motivated and it motivates others too.

Believe. Achieve. Succeed.

Does the bell still ring or has it gone silent? Like in the movie, Polar Express, every child starts out hearing the sound of the bell because they believe in Santa. Then slowly, they stop believing and they no longer hear the bell. What about you? Do you hear the sound? Do you remember? Now..don’t go saying this is all kid’s stuff.  There’s many reasons why people stopped believing. Like already mentioned, believing gives us hope and it gives us a reason to move forward…to take risks and to live life.  In order to believe, a person needs a few things. Hope, encouragement, and support are a few things needed in order to believe. What else is needed? A few other things come to mind such as validation, acknowledgement, and faith are other needed things in order to believe. Believing gives us something to hold on to; something bigger than ourselves.

When we go the most helpful route, believing helps us get there and makes sure that we do! So then, how does believing affect our mental health, healing journey, and recovery? In the recent #PTSDandBeyond Twitter Chat, here’s what some folks shared:

IF I believe, then of course this belief will affect the positive outcomes of my mental health and PTSD recovery. I don’t believe then all goes to shit. I do believe and I have hope. I know I’ll succeed no matter the trigger. Dr. Deb Lindh, Ed.D. @DebraLindh

Helps us with resiliency which includes optimism and hopefulness. – Hariett Cabelly, LCSW @RebuildLife

Belief confirms our existence within the world, so that we don’t just disappear into our own & helps us connect to others, unify. Belief keeps us strong in the face of adversity. Belief takes the shattered pieces & start putting them together into a new whole. Lisa R Willowfish @lisa63artist

Why do we stop believing? What happens when we believe and others around us don’t?

Some people stop believing because they’re frustrated, experienced setbacks, and also have experienced disappointments. It’s difficult to believe when life throws us obstacles and challenges day after day. Lisa Willowfish shares, “Belief stops for various reasons. We may realize we are around fakers. Or we get no validation. Or we are mentally unhealthy & all of life is seemingly hopeless. Or we lose someone or something of great value to that belief. Or, our eyes are opened, it was illusion.” Add to this if we believe and yet the people around us do not. Then what? How do we continue to believe? When these two clash, an increase of conflict, stress, and incompatibility occurs. Relationships start to deteriorate and can even break apart.   For the person with PTSD when we believe and others around us don’t this can affect our mental wellness, confidence, can increase things like depression and anxiety, and we may give up on our belief. On the other hand,  when a person believes despite others around them not believing, their believe can also increase self confidence and determination. They might even find new people to be around as they know best for themselves. This of course depends on the person and their journey.

So, what is it that you believe in? Take a moment to jot down answers to that question.  Even pose the answers as “I” statements:

I believe in _____________

I believe in
life after death

“The power to focus and reach within myself to cope with almost any situation, and to find people then who will support me to recover and also to learn the self-care necessary to get through. Believe in the strength of your mind and the resiliency of your body” Lisa Willowfish.

I Believe in YOU!

Remember to jot down the things you believe in. Take a moment to share your experiences and thoughts about today’s blog post. What did you think about and learn from today’s topic? Comment below and keep believing! We’ll see you next time!