A Better You. A Better Life.

We’ve been there – stressed, depressed, anxious, angry, and uptight – wanting some relief, desperate to find “something” to help to get back to “normal.” To think and feel better.  For our relationships – with ourselves, our families, and our friends – to be better, healthier…our performance at work to be like the person we know we are…and to stop the pain, the voices…that nagging inner voice, the tapes that play over and over; whether it was put there from a learned behavior passed down from generations or a trauma (PTSD).  It’s there and it’s loud. We know.

How do we know what we’re talking about? Because we are just like you. We’ve been there.  We’ve struggled through the challenges of life (see our Founder’s story as a survivor of chronic childhood trauma), depressed, anxious, hurting the ones we love and ourselves, just wanting to make it through one more day, trying all kinds of “proven” techniques, self-help books, and clinical programs only to find we couldn’t use this stuff in the real-world.  We live this every day and we thrive (yes, we really do use our stuff)! Our commitment to you is the same one we make to ourselves…

…To Do Whatever It Takes To Help You Reduce Your Stress And For You To Live A Happier Life

Practical Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (PMBSR) is…

  • A new way of thinking and doing
  • An awareness skill development training
  • An evidence-based approach for reducing your stress and increasing your happiness


Research shows that practical mindfulness training for children and adults:

  • Increases awareness and attention
  • Reduces stress and coping habits
  • Increases happiness and well-being
  • Increases morale and collaboration


You will experience an:

  • Increase in emotional regulation skills (aka moving from reaction to response)
  • Increase in favorable coping habits (sounds great, right? yeah, we know!)
  • Improvement in overall well-being (Ah…)
  • Increase in happiness and quality of life (who wants to sign-up for 10%

Hope. Inspiration. Education. Empowerment.