Change.  Change is good.  Change is scary.  Change is uncertain yet exhilarating.  Right? Well, it is if you’re an inventor, entrepreneur, a risk taker..someone who likes a challenge. That pretty much sums up life as Debra Lindh.  And one of the main reasons why I’ve decided it was time to change my website.  I’m always looking for ways to do things better.  The rapid changes of technology allow me to review and examine the “latest and greatest” techie gadgets.  Not to mention that my husband is a technology gadget person who is always saying, “Deb, you just gotta check out this ______(fill in the blank)!”  Generally, he is spot on!  I still cannot believe I held out so long on the purchase of my I-cannot-imagine-my-life-without-my-iPhone…it’s still mind boggling.

Typically, inventors and entrepreneurs are very much into the latest and greatest, however, at the same time we are extremely resourceful folks!  We take pride in making something out of nothing…or making something last way beyond it’s typical lifespan…which means sometimes we hold on to stuff because it’s stuff we made or have endured and made it do stuff beyond it’s capabilities.

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Nonetheless, my first post is about creating something new…which is the official website for Debra Lindh.  Why did I create this?  Well, I needed a place for clients to see what I’m doing, a way for people to contact me, and a way for me to reach out to you!

What you’ll find from this site is various types of information, a lot of sharing, some lighthearted factoids, a bit of theory and research, and a lot of practical ways to use and apply the information.

So, please join me in celebrating a new milestone – post a comment, follow me on twitter connect on LinkedIn, or send an email!

All the best,