In my previous post, I wrote about T1, T2, and T3 networking.  Networking is never easy.  It can be very taxing especially for an inventor and/or entrepreneur. We only have so much time in a day to accomplish many tasks. However, we recognize it’s importance and value.

One promise I made to myself was to make time for others.  To walk the talk as a T3.  Although the past couple days have been very stressful, I find that through times of stress is when small reminders manifest and appear as reminders of “why I do what I do.”  Today is one of those days.  You see in the mail I received and unexpected note from the Minnesota Inventor’s Congress.  The note was handwritten from the one and only, Ms. Deb Hess.  Amazing.  I’ve know Deb for a few years now, and the MIC has been a keystone for me.  When Deb asked for my help, I didn’t even hesitate…I simply asked, “How and when do you need me?”

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To some, a handwritten note is a small gesture. To me it’s huge. It means that someone took their time to thank me for what I do.  And what perfect timing?!  Ironic, my days have been stressful and then I receive this kind note out of the blue?  There is no such thing as coincidence. What a wonderful gift! Now, I need to get back to what I do….

All the best,